This Little Known Lake In Northern California Will Be Your New Favorite Summer Destination

When I was a kid our family vacationed in Lake Tahoe. It was just a given that the big lake was where we’d go. But we eventually realized there were lots of other secret places the locals knew about and kept from the rest of us. My absolute favorite? Angora Lakes. You’re welcome.

Since this is such a “little-known” place you are definitely going to need directions. Stopping along the way and asking local folks isn’t going to help you much. Some don’t want you going so they might not be totally honest. Others try their best but their help is no help at all and you’ll end up frustrated back at Lake Tahoe.

Like I said, it’s easy to miss. I can’t help but wonder just how many folks have gone to Fallen Leaf Lake, instead. (Amateurs.) This video shares a whole eight minutes of just how to find Angora Lakes. Awww, what a sweet person to take the time to help us all out. Please ignore his terrible grammar – he meant well.

Have you ever been to Angora Lakes? What’s your favorite little-known summer spot? Do tell!