The Heart-Pounding View That Every Northern Californian Needs To Experience At Least Once

It’s undoubtedly been a wet winter for us Northern Californians. You can tell because, for the second time in just two years, the Lake Berryessa Spillway has been activated. This incredible phenomenon is occurring right now and you’ll want to see it before it goes away. After all, this is one mesmerizing view that’s bound to boggle your mind! But what exactly is the spillway? And why was it created? Keep scrolling to find out all about this heart-pounding view, why it occurs, and how you can see it.

Have you had the chance to see the Lake Berryessa Spillway for yourself? Share your experience and photos with us in the comments! For more fascinating sights and events, check out our list of 6 Unexplained Natural Phenomenon In Northern California.

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