Explore The Strange But Beautful Labyrinths At Northern California’s Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

If you’ve done a lot of exploring the outdoors, you may have stumbled upon a labyrinth once or twice. Our state is full of them and they are typically hiding in the most beautiful outdoor landscapes. Discovering a labyrinth by accident is always a delightful surprise, even if you don’t quite understand what they are! Labyrinths are beautiful man-made paths that are intended to provide a meditative experience, and the park featured here is full of them. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve is a great place to explore for its breathtaking scenery alone, but the strangely intricate mazes it contains definitely make it a place to remember.

Have you explored these oddities hiding within Sibley Volcanic Preserve? These mazes are actually strangely beautiful! Check out another fascinating labyrinth hiding in the Bay Area here. 

Address: Oakland, CA 94611, USA

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