Most People Don’t Know These 14 Hidden Gems In Northern California Even Exist

Northern California may be easy to find on the map, but don’t kid yourself. This part of our state has more hidden gems than you can find on Google. For some of us, this means a hiking adventure. For others, it means we throw our backpacks in the car and take off for a while to find them. And, for folks like me, even some of the most obvious places (like Yosemite) can be a hidden gem because I’ve driven past it for years and never pulled off the freeway to take a peek.

Whether you’re a Northern California with insatiable wanderlust, or a couch potato who’d rather look at amazing photos on your phone, you were in mind when we collected our favorites below.

Whether you’re a native NorCal gal or guy, there’s always a little gem tucked away somewhere you haven’t laid claim to. How about putting a few of these down on your “must-see-before-I-die” list. Better yet, share the hidden gems we need to know about in the comments!