Sip Wine And Mingle With Ghosts At Silver Dollar, A Famous Haunted Bar In Northern California

Northern California is a place that is loaded with history, so it comes as no surprise that our state also happens to be home to a wide range of haunted destinations. Seeking out NorCal’s creepiest spots is always a thrilling experience, and there’s one destination that you’ll especially want to check off your list: the Silver Dollar Saloon. Located in Marysville, this allegedly haunted bar has all sorts of creepy tales associated with it. See if there’s any truth to them and stop by for a drink or delicious meal. Only then will you maybe get some answers regarding this bar’s haunted history.

Do you believe in this haunted bar’s creepy tales? What are some other great haunted destinations you’ve visited recently? Let us know in the comments below. For more spots like this one, check out our list of 15 Terrifying Haunted Places In Northern California.