These 9 Amazing Luxury ‘Glamping’ Destinations In Northern California Will Blow You Away

Northern California is one of the primo destinations for camping fun. But, there are some of us…cough…cough…who would rather stick pins in our eyes than lie on the ground to get some shut-eye. Sure, we love the outdoors and good old Mother Nature. We just don’t want to feel like we’ve enlisted in the military to enjoy it.

Luckily, our part of the state has lots of “glampgrounds” (glamour campgrounds) to accommodate the camper who’d rather sleep in a bed or maybe make her own breakfast from a fully stocked kitchenette. There’s lots of different places ready to make you change your mind about camping.

Here are some you’ll just love!

Where do you go glamping? Share your favorite spots with us so we can meet you there!