The Hike To This Gorgeous Northern California Swimming Hole Is Everything You Could Imagine

The hike to Fairy Falls in Northern California takes place near Spenceville and will lead you through a plethora of beautiful landscapes before ending at a lovely swimming hole. If you’re looking for a unique adventure this summer, this is it. Not only is this swimming spot the perfect respite from the heat, but the sight of a cascading waterfall nearby is sure to thrill you. You won’t be able to resist exploring this unique area. Check it out:

Have you visited Fairy Falls in Northern California? This place looks absolutely perfect. Northern California is home to plenty of stunning natural swimming holes. For example, have you heard of this spectacular underground swimming hole? This place is as jaw-dropping as it sounds!

Address: Faery Falls, California 96067, USA
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Fairy Falls in Northern California

July 30, 2022

What are some other beautiful waterfalls in NorCal that I can swim in?

While Fairy Falls is one of the most enchanting swimming holes in NorCal, it is by no means the only waterfall swimming hole in Northern California. Looking for a hidden gem? Carlon Falls is a dreamy little waterfall located within Yosemite National Park. However, the trailhead is located outside of the park at the Carlon Day Use area in the Stanislaus National Forest. You’ll find the trailhead by turning onto Evergreen Road from Highway 120. There are three different parking areas to choose from, one of which leads to a nice little picnic area with restrooms. The trail itself is just 1.4-mile one way and mostly flat, making it perfect for kids and hikers of all skill levels. The reward is well-worth the short hike, too; Carlon Falls flows healthily all year long, and it’s an idyllic sight in the middle of the forest. On a hot summer day, a dip in the swimming hole is absolute heaven. The water is clean and refreshing. Just be sure to use caution since the rocks around the waterfall can get very slippery!

What are some other swimming holes in Northern California?

When the summer heat descends upon the Golden State, taking a soak in the great outdoors is something you’ll definitely want to experience.┬áNorCal is home to dozens of great swimming holes, but few are as picturesque as Emerald Pools along the South Fork of the Yuba River. This dramatic stretch of the river is loaded with bright blue-green pools of water, many of which can be found in the nooks and crannies of the river’s granite outcroppings. Finding these precious swimming pools is an awesome summertime adventure. And although these pools will certainly make you feel a million miles away from it all, they are actually pretty easy to find, as the Emerald Pools are located right off a major road!

Address: Faery Falls, California 96067, USA