These 14 Donut Shops In Northern California Will Have Your Mouth Watering

When you think of Northern California, do you think of donuts? You should. We may be one of the most health conscious parts of the world, but even we know when to push aside the granola and kale for something warm and delicious. You may love your Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts, but we LOVE our mom and pop donuts shops!

Donuts shout childhood for me. Saturday mornings meant dad would let mom sleep in and take his three little girls out for donuts. I’ve tried donuts all over the country and still believe my childhood donut shop beats them all. Lucky for you, I included it in this list!

Who doesn’t love an amazing donut? Eating these treats is like eating childhood memories. Where is your favorite donut shop? Share your favorite donut with all of us!

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