This Delightfully Rustic Creamery In Northern California Is Nirvana For Cheese Lovers

Cheese is one of the most universally beloved foods known to mankind. Everybody loves a good cheese, and there’s a type of cheese for almost everybody! It just so happens that Northern California is an excellent place to be if you consider yourself a cheese lover. Our region of the state boasts a plethora of cheese shops, creameries, and factories that churn out some of tastiest cheese in the country. We think it’s safe to say that there are a lot of places where you can get your cheese fix, but there’s one rustic cheese shop that is actual paradise for cheese enthusiasts. Located in Nevada City, visiting this lovely little cheese shop is a must.

Have you been to this particular cheese shop before? What’s your favorite cheese-centric place in Northern California? If you thought this place was awesome, just wait until you see This Unique Cheese Factory In Northern California.