A Trip To This Charming, Working Mill In Northern California Is Unforgettable

Modern technology is great and all, but there’s something beautiful about witnessing how things used to be done. For a sweet taste of the past, you’ll definitely want to visit this incredible historic park. At the forefront of the park is a real, working mill that still grinds out flour even to this day. You can even take a bag home with you! Not only does the mill still work but it’s absolutely gorgeous, as well. Witness for yourself how flours and meals were created back in the old days and plan a visit soon. Keep reading to learn all about this fascinating destination.

Doesn’t this working mill look absolutely charming? This is a piece of the past that will hopefully live on for years to come. For more historic destinations, take a look at our list of 11 Historical Landmarks You Absolutely Must Visit In Northern California.