The Pizza At This Delicious Northern California Eatery Is Bigger Than The Table

Everybody loves pizza, right? When the entire family is hungry but you just don’t feel like cooking, pizza is probably one of the first options your mind goes to. It’s delicious, cheap, and it can feed a lot of people. And we know exactly what place should hit up the next time that craving hits. You may have seen a large pizza before, but we doubt you’ve seen anything THIS massive. Boasting gigantic slices that nearly fall off the table, this is a pizza feast that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on.

Pizza Box is definitely famous for a reason. We doubt you’ll find a bigger pizza anywhere in Northern California. Hungry for pizza now? Check out our list of the 12 Best Pizza Places In Northern California and try one stat!

Address: 148 S Jackson Ave, San Jose, CA 95116