No one can deny how good it feels to get outside and get some exercise. And if you can enjoy beautiful scenery while getting said exercise, even better! One of the best things about hiking in northern California is how many wonderful trails we have that offer amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Some hikes even end right along the water. For truly beautiful hikes that end right near the oceanfront, check out these five. They get our votes for best hikes in northern California!

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Looking for more of the best hikes in northern California? Here are some other great hikes to check out in our lovely Golden State.

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What are some more of the best hikes in northern California?

We love Marshall Gold Discovery State Park, and it's home to some great hikes. One simply splendid one is a 1.4-mile trail that will lead you straight to a waterfall. It'll give you some great views of the Gold Rush country!

What are some more easy hikes in northern California?

Yosemite National Park is absolutely gorgeous (duh), but we admit that some of the hikes can be a little intimidating. If you're looking for some easy hikes in northern California, check out these shorter ones in Yosemite. They have great payoffs with much less effort than some of the harder trails in the park.

What are some of the best beaches in northern California?

How fantastic does a hidden beaches road trip in northern California sound? It is such a relaxing way to spend the weekend!

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