8 Hidden Attractions Locals Keep To Themselves In Northern California

Think you’ve seen it all? We bet there are more than a few places – hidden attractions in Northern California – that you’ve yet to explore, even if you’re a lifelong resident.

You won’t find these spots at the top of things-to-do lists for the Golden State. Maybe locals want to keep these activities to themselves. Or perhaps these activities just haven’t garnered the massive attention that other California must-see attractions have, like Lombard Street in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite National Park. These places are more out-of-the-way and often only known to locals. From beloved restaurants to natural wonders to fun day trip ideas, there are activities on this list for everyone.

We love spots that aren’t on every tourist itinerary! Have you visited any (or all?) of these lesser-known Northern California attractions? Tell us in the comments!

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