12 Extremely Weird Things People From Northern California Do

Over 14 million folks call Northern California home. It’s no wonder after hanging out together on the west coast for years that we’d begin to do a few things that seem weird to our neighboring states. Sure, we’re known to be a teeny, tiny bit aggressive on the highway and we do love our $6.00 almond milk lattes and bottled coconut water… But all that aside, here are a few things that we do that you might find weird.

While a few of you might think Northern Californians are weird when it comes to things like recycling our plastics or our penchant for dressing up to run a race, we think this is all pretty normal. And, to be honest, we think it’s weird to live where you have to shovel snow before you go to work or hide in your basement from wind and rain.

We’re pretty much okay with our kind of weird.

How about you? What weird things do you think should make this list?