There’s A Lake Hiding In A North Dakota State Park Where You Can Camp Year-Round

Cuddled away deep in the scenic Turtle Mountains along the US/Canadian international border is a stunning state park where all the locals go to relax and unwind. It’s among North Dakota’s most popular recreation areas, which really isn’t saying a lot, considering North Dakota is one of the single most remote, least-populated states in the nation, but hey – for what it’s worth, it’s truly amazing. It’s Lake Metigoshe State Park, and nestled within the park is a beautiful lake (one of North Dakota’s best) with nearby camping that’s open year-round. Are you a fan of year-round camping in North Dakota? After a stay at Lake Metigoshe State Park, you might become one.

Want more information (or to learn how to book your campsite in advance)? Check out the official North Dakota Parks and Recreation website. Do you have a favorite location for year-round camping in North Dakota? Tell us about it in the comments!

Address: Lake Metigoshe State Park, Roland, ND 58318, USA