The World’s Best Knoephla Soup Can Be Found Right Here In North Dakota

It’s no secret that North Dakota’s all-time favorite soup is knoephla. No matter how you spell it, people just can’t get enough of it. Many North Dakotans have been having this dish as long as they could remember, with recipes passed down for generations. Besides that, knoephla is just that good that almost everyone likes it! And the best comes right from North Dakota. Luckily for us living here, we can get our soup fix at plenty of restaurants across the state. Here are just a few:

Where is your favorite place to get knoephla soup in North Dakota? Other than grandma’s kitchen, of course! This is one of the state’s most iconic dishes, and if you were drooling while reading this you are probably a true North Dakotan. Here are some of the other most loved, well-known foods from the Peace Garden State.