The Natural Phenomenon In North Dakota That Only Happens During Wintertime

It’s not even December yet but North Dakota is already seeing the full effects of winter. This state has a bit of a reputation for having pretty harsh winters, and it is well earned. The temperature has already dipped to the single digits this season and snow has been falling since October for much of the state. Some of us have even already seen a special natural phenomenon that only shows itself in wintertime. It’s a beautiful part of nature that we in North Dakota get to enjoy – even if it means it’s super cold!

Many people in North Dakota have already spotted sun dogs this season. Have you seen any yet? Some people have shared photos of sun dogs in our beautiful state in the North Dakota Nature Lovers group on Facebook. They never fail to be awe-inspiring!

This isn’t the only cool natural phenomenon that can be found in North Dakota. A few years back the state saw an absolutely incredible natural occurrence in the winter and you can see it too by clicking here.