10 Reasons No One In Their Right Mind Visits North Dakota In The Winter

We’ve all heard the rumors and the stereotypes – North Dakota in the winter is just a wasteland of snow and temperatures no one should have to endure. We North Dakotans can deny it all we want, but we know deep down that it’s true. We’ll brag about the type of extreme cold we experience and give other states a hard time when they shut down over an inch of snow, but it’s just because we want to feel better about how much worse it is here.

The truth is, no one would want to be in this state during the seemingly endless winters, let alone visit it. It’s probably the last place you’d want to visit in this season, and if you need some more convincing as to why it’s the actual worst, here is a list:

Seriously, if this doesn’t scare you away from visiting North Dakota in the winter then I don’t know what will. It’s obviously an awful idea, and if you need more proof you’ll have to check out these 7 Awesome Places You Must Visit In North Dakota This Winter.

Just in case you haven’t figured it out by now, this was entirely sarcastic – North Dakotans know how great it is here in the winter. If you disagree, you’re missing out and will just have to experience it for yourself!