The Natural Phenomenon In North Dakota That Only Happens During Wintertime

If the precise right conditions are met during the wintertime in North Dakota, an incredible natural phenomenon can occur. This unusual yet fascinating wonder has gone as far as become international news – spreading videos and images from the Peace Garden State across the world. It is rare, but it does happen, and it only happens in the winter. Check it out:

The ice circle is mesmerizing to watch, and certainly a great wonder to behold. It doesn’t happen very often around the world, but it does and has happened right here in the Peace Garden State. How amazing is that?

If you’ve ever seen an ice circle and caught a picture of it in North Dakota, you can share it with our North Dakota Nature Lovers group and have a chance at becoming our Photographer of the Week!

Here are more beautiful effects the wintertime has on the prairie landscape in this great state.

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