There’s A Quirky Windmill Park Hiding Right Here In North Dakota And You’ll Want To Plan Your Visit

With North Dakota being as windy as it is, it comes as no surprise that there are quite a few wind turbines across the state. However, what about windmills? The old-world style windmills were created to mill grains with the power of the wind. While certain types of windmills, like a classic Dutch windmill, are somewhat common across the United States, there were rarely any true Danish mills built – and even fewer that remain. Believe it or not, one of fewer than five true historic Danish windmills in the entire country is located right here in North Dakota. Check it out:

The Danish windmill can be found in the Downtown Park Square in Kenmare, North Dakota. You can learn more about this fascinating monument by clicking here.

Did you know that North Dakota had this rare feature? There are plenty of unique and intriguing monuments all across the state. Find more great attractions to visit in ND right here.