Visiting The Wild Prairie Bakery In North Dakota Will Fill You With Nostalgia And Delicious Treats

Immerse yourself in the enticing smell of fresh-baked treats and a place that’ll remind you of the simpler times at this North Dakota bakery. You can grab a dozen fresh donuts, a lunch, coffee and a snack, or even some fun country-themed gifts. It’s a hidden gem not many people know about – but should, and here’s why:

The Wild Prairie Bakery is open every day of the week except Sunday and Monday from bright and early at 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM. See what they’re currently making and find out more on their Facebook page.

Donuts are one of this place’s specialties. If you’re a true donut lover, you should check them out as well as these other awesome donut shops in North Dakota. If you have a favorite place to get donuts that we didn’t feature but you think we should, feel free to tell us about it here!

Address: 142 Main St E, Valley City, ND 58072, USA