White Horse Hill Game Preserve In North Dakota Is So Hidden Most Locals Don’t Even Know About It

Do you ever find yourself on the search for the perfect hidden gem in North Dakota to discover and enjoy? Us, too, and as it turns out, over the years we’ve become pretty good at it. It helps that North Dakota is pretty remote, as far as U.S. states go, and with less than 800,000 residents in the entire state, one could arguably call any single attraction in North Dakota a hidden gem. That being said, some gems simply don’t receive the attention they deserve, like the one we’ll explore right now. White Horse Hill National Game Preserve is a little slice of North Dakotan heaven right here in our own backyards, and the best news of all is that it’s rarely, if ever, crowded. Check it out:

So, what do you think? Which species will you look forward to seeing when you finally visit this preserve in North Dakota? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Address: Saint Michael Court, St Michael Ct, St Michael, ND 58370, USA