The Ultimate Western North Dakota Scenic Wonders Road Trip Is Here – And You’ll Want To Do It

As we patiently await this winter to end it doesn’t hurt to plan for the warmer weather and get excited about this upcoming summer. And what better way to do than a road trip through some of the most scenic parts of North Dakota? This trip will take you in a complete round trip in the western part of North Dakota. It starts in Medora but you can begin at any part of the route. If you can’t get out to the western half, no worries – there will be road trips for some other regions in the state in the near future.

Once you’ve stopped at White Butte you can head back up north a ways and then west once you hit I-94 to end up right back in Medora. There are a ton of other places like wildlife refuges, small towns, and lakes  you could stop at along the way if you’d like to spend the extra time doing so, and I highly suggest it! There’s too many to put them all on one list so it is up to you where to go. Take your time and enjoy western North Dakota with all it has to offer, and if you take this trip, please share your experience in the comments!