12 Photos Of North Dakota’s Stores Of Yesteryear That’ll Take You Back In Time

Many things have changed over the years, as things tend to do overtime. North Dakota’s small towns and big cities alike have morphed to suit the needs of the day, including their shops. Today, big box stores and online shopping have taken the place of small, locally-owned specialty stores. Though you can still find those types of shops here and there, sometimes it’s fun to look back at the old days when things were a little slower and simpler. Take a look at these vintage stores in North Dakota from old photographs:

Which of these photos reminded you of anything special? North Dakota is full of stories and you can still find some of these kinds of stores if you know where to look. For example, did you know you can visit a general store in North Dakota that looks right out of the good old days? It’s more than meets the eye — you never know what you’ll find on the inside!

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