The Tumbleweed Bar & Grill In North Dakota Has A Menu Full Of Irresistible Meals

Many North Dakota towns have a bar and grill, maybe even two. All the locals know about it and other than the occasional traveler passing through, it’s usually just the regulars there. While their menus tend to run pretty similar to each other – burgers, steaks, and fried appetizers – some stand out from the rest. This small town grill in North Dakota is one of those places. Their menu is full of tasty goodness that you won’t find at other places.

You can see what they’re cooking up today by visiting the Tumbleweed Bar & Grill Facebook page. They’re open until 1:00 AM every day.

Where is your favorite small town bar and grill in North Dakota? This state has many restaurants hiding out in lesser-known towns that are worth trying. You’ll find an entire list of great hidden gem restaurants in ND here.

Address: 62 Santee Rd, Lincoln, ND 58504, USA