Most People Don’t Know About These Magical Sunflower Fields Hiding In North Dakota

Those of us that live here in North Dakota know about the beautiful, bright yellow fields we have passed by in the summertime, but did you know most people outside of the state aren’t aware they are here? Kansas is the state with the official nickname “The Sunflower State,” but when it comes to actually producing sunflowers, The Peace Garden State is the one that’s on top. While we dream about those summer days, let’s take a look at why North Dakota should be more known for its magical sunflower fields:

You can find sunflower fields across the state, usually blooming in late summer. If you get the chance to go see some, you definitely should! It is a magical sight when the golden yellow flowers can be seen all the way across the horizon.

Did you know that sunflowers aren’t the only thing North Dakota is a leading producer of? Check out this list of things that ND is number one at — you’d be surprised how many things there are that no other state does better!

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