The Sunflowers Are Blooming In North Dakota, And It’s Truly A Sight To Marvel Over

It’s that time of year again – the sunflowers are blooming! North Dakota is one of the leading producers of sunflowers in the United States, and they’re blooming right now. If you love seeing the massive golden fields, you’ll want to grab your camera and jump in the car. They won’t be around forever, so now is the time to take them in. Here’s everything you need to know about seeing sunflower fields in North Dakota:

The North Dakota sunflowers won’t be around forever – the farmers have to harvest them at some point, of course! Make sure you get out and get a good luck at them before they’re gone until next year.

Did you know that our state is one of the top producers of these lovely flowers? In fact, we’re the top producer of quite a few crops – hence the nickname ND is sometimes given: “the nation’s breadbasket.” Here is an entire list of things North Dakota is #1 at for more fun facts and statistics.

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