One Of The Most Incredible Small Businesses In North Dakota, Beyond Buckskin Boutique Is Challenging And Changing The Fashion Industry

The story of the United States of America is not a straightforward tale; but rather, a complicated narrative with many conflicting voices that’s fraught with tension and turmoil. This is nowhere more evident than with the Native Americans; the country’s indigenous residents who were overrun and marginalized by America’s founding settlers. While much has changed in the last 200+ years, Native American representation — or, in this case, underrepresentation — is still a pressing problem. Cultural representation is so important, as it essentially provides a platform and voice to an entire group of people. This platform is what pushes a culture into society’s consciousness; it raises awareness and starts a dialogue to ultimately affect big, meaningful change. Representation, for a group that’s been historically marginalized, is everything.

And this is where Beyond Buckskin Boutique enters the conversation. Beyond Buckskin’s mission is to create a substantial movement of Native American representation in the fashion industry, and to bring greater recognition to Native-made fashion. This North Dakota-based business is creating a much-needed platform wherein emerging and established artists can bring their work to new audiences. It’s a daunting task, but something Beyond Buckskin Owner Jessica R. Metcalfe is proudly taking on.

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Address: Beyond Buckskin, 1015 Hospital Rd Suite A, Belcourt, ND 58316, USA