Step Inside The Creepy, Abandoned Town Of Sims In North Dakota

The town of Sims, North Dakota, has been abandoned for quite some time, which means there have been no official recorded residents for absolute years. Of course, no one living, that is. According to this article in the Bismarck Tribune, there may still be someone – or something – lingering there, who has possibly been there since 1918. The town itself sits abandoned nowadays, one of the creepiest abandoned places in North Dakota, that numbered 1,200 residents at its peak. It’s easily one of the creepiest abandoned towns in North Dakota, so naturally, we’re going to investigate!

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Have you ever heard of the Gray Lady in the creepiest abandoned town in North Dakota, or had a similar experience somewhere else? What’s your favorite ghost town to visit in North Dakota?

If you’re into ghost hunting, maybe you’ve heard of these seven urban legends in North Dakota. We don’t recommend reading them before you go to bed — you might just have to leave your lights on!

Address: Sims, ND 58520, USA
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Creepiest Abandoned Town In North Dakota

September 28, 2019

What other abandoned places are there in North Dakota?

Shockingly enough, there are quite a few abandoned and perhaps even haunted places in the state of North Dakota. The Sims Church and Parsonage, of course, as well as the San Haven Sanatorium, the State Hospital for the Insane in Jamestown and the towns of Alkabo and Ambrose.

Are there any hiking trails to abandoned places in North Dakota?

There aren’t really any options for hiking to abandoned places in North Dakota, unfortunately. On the bright side? Most places are accessible by car!

What ghost towns can you find in North Dakota?

North Dakota is the home to quite a few ghost towns. It’s as if the state took a bit of pride in abandoning some of the lesser-known places to the supernatural, leaving towns like Arena, Carbury and Wheelock to crumble into the ether. If you haven’t been, we’d recommend driving trips to Omemee and Temple, when the weather is good. They make for eerie sights and fascinating ghost towns in North Dakota.

Address: Sims, ND 58520, USA