Believe It Or Not, North Dakota Has One Of The Shortest Highways In The Country

If you’ve driven through North Dakota before, you know it tends to be pretty uneventful. The roads are long and straight with few curves. Highways stretch for miles and miles ahead and seem endless, especially on hot summer days when the rippling mirage effect happens. With all this in mind, you might be surprised to hear that the shortest highway in North Dakota might also be one of the shortest in the entire country! Believe it or not, this tiny stretch of road is possibly record-breaking:

Longest, straightest highway and shortest highway – North Dakota sure does have some special roads! If you’d like to traverse this tiny highway yourself, head to the small town of Harvey. You could easily walk along the edge within 10 minutes and say you’ve walked a whole highway from start to finish.

Residents of Harvey are considering making commemorative t-shirts or signs about the highway. It certainly is a fun little thing to boast about! Did you know that another ND small town has a special highway? It’s basically a huge art gallery. Check out the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota and see it for yourself.

Address: ND-91, Harvey, ND 58341, USA