The Rockford Theatre In North Dakota Is Still Showing Movies After 100 Years Of Cinema

One thing that surprises people visiting quite a few North Dakota small towns is the presence of movie theaters. It can be hard to find a movie theater even in newer towns and small cities – often, you have to go to the next closest “big” city to find one. But for a handful of little historic towns throughout the prairie, there’s a theater right on Main Street that’s been there for decades. New Rockford is one of those towns. They have one of the historic theaters in North Dakota that have been around since a century ago, and you can still see the latest films there.

Check out what movies are playing and learn more about this awesome community-owned piece of history by visiting the Rockford Theatre Facebook page. Choosing to see the newest films here is a great way to both support a local business and enjoy a movie in a unique way!

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Address: 8 8th St N, New Rockford, ND 58356, USA