One Of The Most Unique Towns In America, Regent Is Perfect For A Day Trip In North Dakota

Many North Dakota small towns are dying. It’s a sad way to put it, but it’s true. As new generations get older and move off to bigger places, the population of these lone prairie towns dwindles to nothing. Eventually, they become ghost towns. But there are a few towns out there that are striving to capture people’s interest rather than fade out of existence. One man put Regent, North Dakota back on the map with his quirky and interesting creations, and today it’s known as the perfect day trip location.

Regent, North Dakota may only have a population of 160, but it certainly attracts many more visitors than that thanks to all the quirky things you can find. There is no other town quite like it, and it’s worth visiting at least once.

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Address: Regent, ND 58650, USA