This Record Shop In North Dakota Has The Best Doggone Hot Dogs Ever

You wouldn’t expect to find a combination record store and hot dog shop, and yet you can find exactly that in North Dakota. You can browse the hundreds of records while enjoy one of the best doggone hot dogs you’ve ever had, loaded with toppings or simply as-is, at this unusual spot. There’s no other place quite like it! Take a look for yourself:

DogMahal DogHaus is located at 305 N Washington St., Grand Forks, ND 58203. You can find a full menu, hours, and contact information by clicking here.

You might not have expected a hot dog shop in a record store, but North Dakota is full of even more surprises. Did you know you can also find a deli in a video store? It’s in Wahpeton, North Dakota and it’s awesome. Read about it here.