Everyone From North Dakota Should Take This Awesome Prairie Vacation Before They Die

If you want to experience a fascinating region of North Dakota and discover the beauty of the prairie in a state where it is such a huge and important part, then you absolutely must take this vacation before you die. Located out in the unusual yet beautiful prairie pothole region, this travel spot is stunning in its own unique way. Check out the many reasons why this is a trip you don’t want to miss – there are lots!

Have you traveled to this region before? If you have, feel free to share any of your pictures with our page to have them featured! It’s definitely a place in North Dakota that is a perfect candidate for the prettiest photos.

If you need more vacation ideas for the Peace Garden State, check out this road trip we made to explore the western region on the other side of the state from the prairie potholes. It’s equally breathtaking in a totally different way!