The Most Beautiful Pottery In The World Comes From This Small Town North Dakota Shop

Whether you love handmade pottery, want to see how it’s made, or simply want to shop for something, anyone can enjoy a visit to this pottery shop in North Dakota. It’s located in a remote small town and is well worth the miles. Enjoy the most beautiful pieces and friendliness of the person who runs the business right here:

Prairie Fire Pottery is located at 127 E Main St., Beach, ND 58621. If you can’t make it all the way out there but still want to browse the pieces and maybe purchase a few, you’re in luck – they have an online store and can ship pottery through the mail. Click here to visit it.

You never know what gems are hiding in North Dakota small towns! Prairie Fire Pottery is just one unique example. Here is an entire list of other gems you can visit across the state that you may not have heard of before.