This Charming Restaurant In The Heart Of Prairie Country Is A North Dakota Dream

Way out on the edge of the Little Missouri National Grassland in the western region of North Dakota is a little town with the cutest, tiniest restaurant that serves homemade meals to die for. This is a place to stop and and see part of the roots of the state, experience the prairies surrounding it, and most importantly eat delicious food! Take a drive out to this charming little place:

Four Corners Cafe is located right off of Highway 85 in Fairfield, North Dakota 58627.

Ukrainian cuisine comes from the many Ukrainian immigrants who came to North Dakota and brought their traditions with them, just like all the Scandinavian and Germans-from-Russia that make up a majority of the state’s population’s ancestors. Luckily for us, we get to enjoy tons of food from all of those places. Check out the restaurants in the Peace Garden State with fantastic ethnic foods to prove it!