This Small Town In North Dakota Is Peak Upper-Midwestern Vibes

Are you in search of the perfect small-town escape right about now? Yeah… we get it. We’re ALWAYS on the lookout for awesome small towns to run off to the moment we get the hankering to do so, and luckily for us, there just so happens to be numerous wonderful small towns all over the state of North Dakota to choose from. Some are sleepy, some are artsy, and some are just so cute and folksy that they seem to emanate those peak upper-Midwest vibes, where everyone is friendly and warm (despite the chill in the air) and everywhere you go there’s a sense of community. Walhalla is one of those such towns; this friendly town in North Dakota is absolutely worth a visit over a long weekend – if not longer. Check it out:

Be sure to visit the official North Dakota tourism website for more information about Walhalla.

What’s YOUR favorite friendly town in North Dakota? There are so many to choose from that it’s kind of hard to pick, don’t you think?

Address: Walhalla, ND 58282, USA