This Might Just Be The Most Peaceful Town In All Of North Dakota

North Dakota is one of the most peaceful states there is. With some of the lowest crime rates and plenty of big, wide open space, it’s no wonder people that are looking for a quiet life on the prairie come here to settle down. It has many small town at just the right size for the perfect communities where you can go about your day to day without ever seeing any traffic or hearing sirens wail (unless it’s the tornado siren at noon on that certain day of the week during summer when they test it).

Here is one of those optimally sized small towns in the Peace Garden State that is perfect for anyone looking for some peace and quiet:

Elgin has an official website with everything you need to know about it – you can click here to visit it.

This town is one of a handful of others we featured on a list of some of North Dakota’s best, most peaceful small towns. Follow the link to see the rest!

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