There’s Something Charming About These 8 North Dakota Farms From The Past

Since North Dakota entered statehood it has always been centered around agriculture. Despite the harsh drought during the Dust Bowl and every freezing winter or tough season, it has always gotten through and continued to produce. Farms today are pretty much everywhere in the state and many still hold tons of history. Let’s take a look back on that history of farming in North Dakota and look at these special pieces of the past.

The simpler times of yesteryear have passed but we still hold a lot of similarities in our farms today. Many North Dakotans can certainly relate to these images and comparisons – what is your family’s farm story? Discover more vintage photographs of North Dakota here.

Address: North Dakota, USA

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History Of Farming In North Dakota

March 20, 2020

Where can I find more of the best photos of North Dakota?

If you’re looking for more historic photos of North Dakota, you’re in luck. We’ve highlighted many fascinating vintage photographs taken in the state that’ll give you a glimpse back in time. Find some of the oldest photos in ND by clicking here, or take a nostalgic trip back in time to the 1970s. You’ll find 14 shots taken from as early as the 1860s to the 1940s showcasing all different aspects of life in the Peace Garden State by following this link. We’re lucky to have photographs preserving the history of the state and giving us a glimpse back into time.

Are there any nostalgic stores in North Dakota?

If you love living in North Dakota and want to know where you can step back into the good old days, there are some great options. The Rockin’ Relics in Rugby, North Dakota is a 50s themed eatery and soda fountain that was actually put in the building of a historic hardware store. The Wood House restaurant, located in Bismarck, is not only a spot with some of the best burgers in the midwest but also a unique dining experience. It hasn’t changed much in the many years its been open since the 1970s. At each old-fashioned booth, there is a telephone that calls directly into the kitchen and that’s how you place your order. Love shopping for antiques in an antique setting? The Antique Depot in Hankinson is an antique store that’s located in a historic train depot.

What are the oldest attractions in North Dakota?

These charming North Dakota farms are probably long gone or very different today, but there are places you can visit that have been around since the days of these farms and are tourable today. The Bagg Bonanza Farm, located just outside the tiny town of Mooreton, North Dakota, is one of the last remaining farms from the bonanza days still in existence. They offer tours of the large house and farm buildings that have been kept preserved all these years. You can have a unique, historic stay at the Fort Totten Inn, part of the Fort Totten State Historic Site, and stay in a beautiful old building among the preserved and restored fort buildings right next to Devils Lake.

Address: North Dakota, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.