The Oldest General Store In North Dakota Has A Fascinating History

At one point, general stores were in almost every town. You could find a little bit of everything there and in many small towns they usually doubled as a post office or other business. North Dakota had its fair share of them back in the day, but now most of them are only preserved in memories.

There is, however, a general store still standing that you can visit yourself. It is one of the oldest commercial buildings in the entire state, and it sits in the quaint little town of Hope, North Dakota. But it hasn’t always been a general store; in fact, it has been more things than you can imagine. Here is a bit of history:

For more information on the location, tour hours, and history of the Baldwin’s Arcade and more, visit the Steele County Historical Society website.

Hearing about the history of places like this is always fascinating, but seeing photographs that show exactly what it was like can be even more so. Check out these rare, vintage photographs taken in North Dakota to see what every small town in the state had back then.