Someone Flew A Drone High Above North Dakota And Captured The Most Beautiful Footage

Seeing the world from a birds eye view is always a fascinating sight. North Dakota is especially beautiful from that level with its patchwork-like landscape of thousands of acres of fields all connected by thin seams. Wouldn’t it be neat to see those fields being worked on from that height?

Now that the growing season is wrapping up and most all the fields are busy being harvested and tilled for next season, it would be especially interesting to witness that from the sky. Luckily, we can! Thanks to Youtuber TheBurbankBlues, it’s possible to see what this integral part of the Peace Garden State looks like from the sky.

The video below was taken in Forman, ND in early October that shows a double team of tractors tilling what was a soybean field. It’s a mesmerizing display of precision taken by a drone. As of now, it has a whopping view count of over 500,000 hits! Check it out for yourself:

Now that’s impressive! It’s so awesome to be able to see this from such a cool perspective. This Youtube channel has made other neat drone videos in North Dakota that are worth checking out by clicking the link above.

So what did you think of this? We have featured other fascinating fly-over videos of ND that include the beauty of the badlands and also creepy, abandoned places. This state is definitely full of surprises around every corner!

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