This Mesmerizing Time Lapse Video Shows North Dakota Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

One of my favorite things about living in North Dakota is that on a clear night the sky is always full of stars. I’ve been to big cities and dense suburbs in other states and have seen the effects of light pollution. In those places, you can usually only see one or two stars. The sky always glows with an orange hue no matter what time of night it is. Here in the Peace Garden State, every night the sky is a masterpiece of thousands of stars. Even the Milky Way is visible in most places. We are also privileged enough to often see the northern lights.

This beautiful part of living here was captured perfectly by Joshua Eckl. It is simply mesmerizing.

Just wow! I will always be impressed by the North Dakota skies. There are not many other places that can offer the same views.

Joshua Eckl creates many videos like this around the state. He showcases storms, stars, and other awesome things in time lapses. Check out his channel here.

What is your favorite thing about living in North Dakota? Here are some of my reasons, night skies included. They’re just so amazing!