There’s An Abandoned Town In North Dakota That Was Never Completed And It’s Eerily Fascinating

North Dakota is no stranger at all to interesting ghost towns filled with lore, both true and, well, not always true. For every ghost town with some buildings still standing despite their obvious decay, there are plenty of others that are no longer around at all, and not even a single structure remains. Many of these places no longer exist on modern maps, either, and it’s always interesting to think about what could have been. Let’s take a look at an odd little town that ended before it ever even began: the hodge-podge mashup portmanteau town that was once known as Nododak, North Dakota. This ghost town in North Dakota isn’t technically a ghost town, considering it was “ghosted” before it was a completed town at all.

Can you still call it a ghost town if it was never technically a town to begin with? What are your favorite ghost towns in North Dakota? Tell us about them in the comments! For another interesting ghost town and its story, check out this article about the creepiest town in North Dakota.

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Address: Nosodak, ND