These 7 Songs About North Dakota Will Touch Your Soul Today

I’m a huge music fan and I always love discovering new songs about all sorts of things. Finding songs about the state I live in is pretty exciting, and these 7 songs about North Dakota capture the state perfectly AND they sound amazing.

1. Tigirlilly – North Dakota

If there’s any song that can truly capture a lot of people’s stories living in North Dakota, it’s this one. The beautiful vocals of the sisters Kendra and Krista Willow and the music make a great tune to listen to any time, and to show some state pride!

2. Chuck Suchy – Summer Hands

Chuck Suchy has an entire album of songs about North Dakota, and this one is my favorite. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for soft guitar and also love the way he talks about the state. Since summer is just around the corner, this song is perfect for a summer night out under the stars.

3. Frank Sinatra – I’ve Got a Gal I Love (In North and South Dakota)

Alright, so this one sort of mentions South Dakota, too, I know, but come on – it’s Frank Sinatra! The actual Frank Sinatra talking about his dream girl up in our great state. I think it’s worth including for the singer alone, because this is just a classic.

4. Adam Taylor – My Home In North Dakota

All North Dakotans can identify with this song. North Dakota will ALWAYS be our home, and even if we leave it, it will never fully leave us. The music video showcases some absolutely beautiful shots of the state and is a perfect way to commemorate it!

5. Chris Knight – North Dakota

This song might be better for a more somber time, because while it isn’t very upbeat and cheerful, it will touch your soul. North Dakota winters can be rough and a long time ago they were hard to get through with only things like wood fires for warmth. While the song itself is sad, it does sound beautiful, and the fiddle gets me every time. Definitely worth a listen.

6. Mike Piper – Winds of North Dakota

Now this is the type of song I’d want to hear someone play while sitting around a campfire out in the great outdoors under the starry prairie night sky in North Dakota. I don’t think there would be any song more fitting. Is my weakness for guitar obvious yet? We’ve got some pretty awesome guitarists from our state!

7. Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra – My North Dakota Home

You can’t have a list about songs from North Dakota without including a huge name in music history who was from North Dakota himself, the one and only Lawrence Welk! This song is pretty much his tribute to his home state and it’s so charming. An oldie but a goodie, and one that absolutely deserves a spot on the list.

What other songs about North Dakota do you know that we missed?