Everyone In North Dakota Should Visit This Epic Natural Spring As Soon As Possible

There are not many natural springs that show on the surface of North Dakota, and there are even less that make themselves known by creating a waterfall in the middle of a dense forest. In fact, there is only one of them like this in the entire state, and that is the Mineral Springs natural spring in the Sheyenne River State Forest.

Mineral Springs creates North Dakota’s one and only natural waterfall, hidden deep within the woods. Luckily, a trail has been made going past the springs and the waterfall, resulting in a delightful walk to see a true hidden gem that you literally can’t find anywhere else in the entire state.

For Google Maps directions to the trailhead from Fort Ransom, click here. You can change the starting point to wherever you are.

For a map of the trail, click here. As fall approaches you should definitely consider making a trip here. The forest is most beautiful when the leaves are a blast of colors, and it is highly recommended to take the hike then.

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