The Place In North Dakota That Makes You Feel Like You’ve Stepped Through A Magical Wardrobe

North Dakota has quite a few spots in nature that can feel like they transport you into a magical world. They almost seem too beautiful to be real, as if they were from a fantasy. This particular place in North Dakota can almost make you feel like you stepped through a magical wardrobe into the world of Narnia, and you’ll want to visit it.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Regardless if you’ve read the books or watched the movies or not, the River Bend Overlook will easily transport you into a fantasy world, but it is simply North Dakota’s pure, natural beauty at its best.

To get to the River Bend Overlook, enter the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park about 15 miles south of Watford City, ND, off of Highway 85 onto Scenic Drive. You should definitely take the entire route on that road – it is a wonderful experience!

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