7 Moments Everyone Born In North Dakota Will Always Remember

North Dakota’s history, from its statehood to today, is filled to the brim with stories. Triumphs, heartbreak, accomplishments and failures – and they all have helped shape and form the state and people within it. There are some of these moments that stand out to us, ones that were so impactful or notorious that we’ll never forget them. If you’re a North Dakotan, you’ll probably recognize every one of these seven moments whether you were there for them or not. They will be immortalized in the state’s history!

What are some moments of North Dakota’s history that you’ll never forget? How many of these do you remember or know about? This state’s history has, luckily, been widely captured by photographs and video. Even though we can’t go back and view these pieces of time ourselves anymore, we can still see them through the lens. Check out this fascinating video made over half a century ago right here in the Peace Garden State that gives you such a glimpse.