The Literary Bakery In North Dakota Has The Most Scrumptious Bread You’ve Ever Tried

Whether you’re in to poetry or simply remember a few lines of Shakespeare from high school, everyone can agree that this literary-themed bakery in North Dakota is awesome. Rhymes aside, they have some of the most scrumptious bread you’ll ever try. You can grab a loaf or even try one of their signature sandwiches that use their bread. No matter what, it’s all good. Check it out:

Bread Poets is located at 106 E Thayer Ave., Bismarck, ND 58501. For a full menu and more information about their bread products, click here.

What’s not to love about a sandwich for lunch? It’s one of the most classic lunches of all time. North Dakota has plenty of places to get a good sandwich. Click here to find the best of the best!