There are several abandoned places in North Dakota – from the long-forgotten farmhouse and empty towns that once thrived to a few unusual facilities that are no longer in use. One of the most notable, though, is an abandoned sanatorium in North Dakota, which is officially known as the San Haven Sanatorium. It was once a state facility for tuberculosis patients, then for mentally ill patients, before shutting down in the 1990s. Today, the abandoned insane asylum in North Dakota still stands, an empty shell of what it once was with a dark past. Seeing what’s inside the grounds of what is easily one of the creepiest abandoned places in North Dakota is staggering yet fascinating.

The San Haven Sanatorium is on private property and any exploration of it is trespassing, so the best way to see and learn about it is through photographs and video, such as this fascinating peek inside:

Had you ever heard of this abandoned sanatorium in North Dakota? Prior to it being closed to the public, did you ever visit San Haven Sanatorium? Know of other abandoned places in North Dakota? Tell us!

Believe it or not, the San Haven Sanatorium is just one of the creepy places in North Dakota. Check out our article to learn about other potentially haunted places in North Dakota that will freak you out.

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Abandoned Sanatorium In North Dakota

Is San Haven Sanatorium the only abandoned sanatorium in North Dakota?

While San Haven Sanatorium may be the only abandoned sanatorium in North Dakota, it’s not the only medical facility with a creepy past:

  • There’s also the State Hospital for the Insane in Jamestown.

It’s now a modern-day hospital; however, back in the late-1800s and early-1900s, it was an asylum for the insane. The patients at the asylum were subjected to overcrowding, inadequate care, and deplorable conditions – and because of this, many believe the hospital is haunted by the ghosts of those patients from long ago.

Are there any other abandoned places in North Dakota?

Abandoned places in North Dakota don’t end with the San Haven Sanatorium. Just like any other state, there are several abandoned places in North Dakota, including

  • Coghlan Castle, a haunting abandoned castle located out on a quiet farm in Rolette county
  • The former Governor's Mansion, an eerie but beautiful historical site that is free to visit.
  • The Ghost town of Sims. Today, there are only a couple of buildings still standing in Sims – one of which is the Scandinavian Lutheran Church, which still hosts Sunday service. Only adding to Sims eerie allure, many claim the ghost town is haunted.

What are some other creepy places in North Dakota?  

There are lots of creepy places in North Dakota, including:

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