North Dakota’s Schoolhouse Blizzard Was One Of The Worst Disasters In U.S. History

Sometimes, dark, unexpected things happen that knock us off our feet and debilitate us for days, weeks, or more. Sometimes, those things happen because of other people, or specific circumstances, but others are especially terrifying because they come from the natural world. At the very least, during this modern age, we have ways of knowing what’s coming at least a few days in advance; back in the early 19th century, though, they didn’t have this luxury, and in 1888, the Midwest would be hit by one of the single-worst disasters in U.S. history without any warning. This historic disaster in North Dakota and surrounding states would go down in the annals of history as truly one of the worst ever. 

Have you ever experienced anything similar to this historic disaster in North Dakota? Tell us about what happened (and when) in the comments – and send pictures! Hopefully, though, nothing like this happens again – preferably ever!

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